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1palanca MA novasWelcome to the site of the Taekwon-Do group headed by Master Manuel Adrogué and the instructors with whom he shares the mission of spreading and living the martial way. We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can be contacted through Facebook: Taekwon Argentina. We apologize for not having a full English language version of the site, but we are confident you will be able to by-pass the language barrier and enjoy the pictures in our Gallery as well as other sections. Our name “Mudo Jongshin Won” 무도정신원 (武道精神院) means “Circle of Righteous Martial Spirit”.

We follow the way of classical Taekwon-Do in its conception as a total and practical martial art based on rigorous training under certain traditional guidelines, the pursuit of perfection of character and the development of physical capabilities, and the door to mastery in advanced martial art skill. Our approach is through the ITF Taekwon-Do version, with a special methodology for training that takes into account matters typically disregarded in modern Taekwon-Do schools. Master Adrogué was born on March 1968 and has been training Taekwon-Do since 1983, along with some training in other systems. (He currently is being taught in Chinese internal methods which provide a fresh perspective and material, although not as different as most would expect).

His main teacher for two decades was GrandMaster Pedro Florindo (1949-2018), an outstanding martial artist who used to be a  fierce competitor, a highly regarded instructor, and a specialist in “old school” martial art skills. Florindo had a mixed Moo Duk Kwan and Ji Do Kwan upbringing from two famous Korean teachers (Lee Chong Seo and Yang Dae Chol). He participated in the 1977 WTF Chicago World Championships. Two years later Florindo joined the ITF and was soon appointed Director by Gen. Choi becoming one of the most relevant leaders in Argentine Taekwon-Do, having a 10,000 member organization under his direction. combate total ma

During his late teens Adrogué worked at the main martial arts magazine in Argentina, “Yudo Karate”, where he got to interview famous international masters who visited the country. That lead him to broaden his martial arts scope into cross-training, always looking for highly reputed experts adding some experience in Japanese Kenpo, Kung Fu and Hapkido. A high point in his life were several tours to the United States in the early ‘90s in which Mr. Florindo and a group of around 20 black belts visited and trained under the most famous teachers residing in Los Angeles and New York.  Around those first ten years as a martial artist Adrogué used to attend to tournaments usually stepping up the podium in sparring, patterns and breaking. In his early 20s Adrogué decided is time allocation dilemma by choosing to go for honors at University at the expense to a serious martial arts competitive career. He used to joke his dream was to become a Master at 50, not a champion at 25. Maybe an excuse, since his talent was uncertain at best. But he did manage to have some satisfactions as for example the one reported in 2001 by Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine. pedro kim manu After graduating as a lawyer and then obtaining his Masters degree in business law, Mr. Adrogué became an instructor and kept training and writing for martial arts magazines.  Mr. Adrogué believes that diligent practice greatly benefits from intellectual research, and he has made a habit of selecting and reading martial arts publications for his exquisite 200 volume personal library which includes all type of material, from Gen. Choi’s Encyclopedia, the Combat Program of the US Marines Corp, to the Chinese approach to Internal Energy Circulation. During 2003 as part of his specialization in international corporate law Adrogué lived with his family in Houston, where he met and trained with Master Mark Giambi who presented him to be examined for 5th Dan by GrandMaster Kong Young Bo. In 2008 special business circumstances determined that he would travel to Korea with GrandMaster Kim Han Chang , the father of Argentine Taekwon-Do. GM Kim was the person appointed by Gen. Choi to introduce Taekwon-Do into Argentina in 1967.  GM Kim is highly regarded not only for his technical skills but mostly for his fine character, and he adopted Adrogué as a disciple, then granting him the rare privilege to have two masters.

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During his lifetime Master Adrogué has been blessed by meeting or training under legends like Gen. Choi Hong Hi, Hwang Kee, Ji Han Jae, H.C. Hwang, Sihak Henry Cho, Kim Pyung Soo,  Park Jong Soo, Kong Young Bo, Chen Quanzong, Kenzo Miyazawa, Choi Kwang Jo, Cho Hee Il, Kim Suk Jun, Jun Chong, Henry Taejoon Lee, Tran Trieu Quan, Do Ki Hyun, Pak Gumsu, Kim Han Chang, Choi Nam Sung, among others. Whenever presented the opportunity of being exposed to a source of higher martial art knowledge, Adrogué will seize it. As it is said in Asia, good students are those able to steal the art from the masters.

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Since then Adrogué has travelled to Korea in 2013 and 2015 having the chance to train Taekwon-Do, Shippalki, Taek Kyon and other disciplines, meeting other masters and friends like Sanko Lewis, Ryan MacEachern, Chuck Gorino and Jonathan Than.  During such last trip Mr. Adrogué joined  GrandMaster Park Jong Soo  in a visit to Taekwondo Won where they met Masters Zibby Kruk and C.J.Oh (of Korea ITF Hqs.) and most importantly to pay homage to his teacher Gen. Choi by visiting the famous “Fist Monument” in Jeju island, a symbolical location where the basis of Taekwon-Do was laid in the training of the Republic of Korea 29th Army Division in 1954.  On that occasion Mr. Adrogué was promoted to 7th Dan Master level by GrandMaster Park with the formal support of GrandMasters Kim and Florindo. Thus, Adrogué has joined the ranks of the Allied International Taekwon-Do Council (A.I.T.C.) and is under the tutelage of GM Park. In Argentina, he works closely with high calliber instructors as Marcelo Cremona and Hernan Cisternas.Dollio Adrogue espejo Mr. Adrogué has translated and published into Spanish the famous book by Alex Gillis “A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do”, with the addition of a 200-page section of the history of Argentine Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Adrogué has become a sought-after teacher for seminars given his original approach to Taekwon-Do training. Most of the efforts of Adrogué as an author of around 50 articles have been to give access to Spanish speakers to some of the very good information available in English.  However Adrogué occasionally publishes in English language media when he feels there is something interesting to add or share with the larger international community, which has given him friends who are well regarded authors in the martial arts field like Michael De Marco, George Vitale, Sanko Lewis and Stuart Anslow. During the last years Adrogué has been polishing his personal training and learning Chinese Kung Fu (Taijiquan and Baguazhang), which have exposed him to interesting ways of addressing combat and cutting down unnecesary motions in his quest of power and efficiency.

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For English language speakers we especially recommend:

1) Asian Martial Arts. Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications, published by Journal of Asian Martial Arts / Via Media Publications on September 2012. Adrogué was invited to join a collective work and represent Taekwon-Do among 27 specialists of different martial arts by submitting a two-page article choosing two techniques or sequences, with their photographs, and explaining the background and ideas behind them.

2)  “ITF Taekwon-Do and Sine Wave as Sequential Motion”: More power than what meets the eye, published in Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine, May, June and July 2010. An insightful attempt to explain the reasons for Gen. Choi to modify the way basic technique was performed in Shotokan Karate before adopting it into ITF Taekwon-Do.

3) “Ancient Military Manuals and Their Relation to Modern Korean Martial Arts”, published in Journal of Asian Martial Arts / Via Media Publications, Vol. 12, Num. 4, November 2003.

4) “A Martial Arts Librarian’s Suggestions”, June 2016 Facebook post on the intellectual approach to martial arts growth.

5) “An Attempt to Define “Taekwon-Do” looking at Bruce Lee, Gen. Choi and his Legacy”, May 2017 Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine.

6) “Grandmaster Florindo and his Place in the History of Argentine Taekwon-Do”, Feb 2018 Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine.

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